Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

I am seriously trying to think of something that I changed my mind about recently or at least over the past few years. I can't think of anything; I am still a progressive, I still love traveling, walking, cooking and baking, wait what am I saying! A huge thing has changed for me in the past few years: I am writing! Just six years ago or even four years ago, if someone had asked me if I would ever be writing on a daily basis and writing at least three posts a day, I would have answered in the negative. I had always thought that I didn't have writing in my makeup, now I can't imagine going a day without writing something on both of my blogs, A Progressive's thoughts and laurieanichols. Actually before it dawned on me while I was writing my answer, ironic isn't it, it took writing a few words for the correct answer to pop out, I was going to write about food. I was going to write about how my palate has expanded towards embracing many of the vegetables that I didn't like when I was younger and that sweetness no longer dominated my food choices. In retrospect with today's topic, I think that the revelation that daily blog writing is the most important change in my life, is the proper response. Food choices and their changes are often the norm, but embracing a totally new vehicle such as writing is a much more important change I feel.

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