You have been grated three wishes. The caveat is that you cannot wish for anything for yourself. What do you wish for?

I wish that the people throughout the world get the chance to pursue their dreams of a better life without big corporations, big religion, oppressive government making all of their decisions for them.

I wish that we as a global community can treat our planet with all of the respect that we would want to be shown ourselves. We only have one planet, if we break it we don't have another one to go to. Our planet isn't like a t.v; we can't exchange it for another one, there isn't a warranty.

I wish that we wouldn't be so afraid of the other. I would wish that all forms of prejudice and racism be eliminated from our psyches and emotional makeup as people completely. We react to each other based on our character and inner selves not on our appearances.

These would be my three wishes for our planet and our people. I really wish that someone would grant me these three wishes because our world might become a really awesome place.

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