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My hubby and I have spent a rare relaxing Sunday together entirely upstairs, reading and writing. The babies are either away at school or working. Jack has divided his time either wrestling with my iPad trying to inch his way onto my lap or wiggling his way onto my hubby’s lap. Either way Jack got his way, some kind of personal contact and that is all he wants, a leg, an arm or a hand and he is happy.

I was flipping through the Huffington Post and went to see what the Comedy section was offering and there they were, two articles featuring cute animal videos.
This is the one that I clicked on and Winston is the cutest bulldog, tap dancing away to his heart’s content. The Youtube website is great because it shows, on the right hand side, clips of similar videos so my hubby clicked on a bulldog puppy video and that completely that grabbed Jack’s attention, the bulldog puppy was barking, growling and then whimpering, just like a baby clamoring for attention and trying out all the sounds to see which one will get him what he wants, attention. Jack kept cocking his head back and forth trying to figure out how to get to the puppy, he even went around the iPad to see where the puppy was lurking. Jack was being just as entertaining as the puppies in those videos.

We watched the marathon of the Viking series that had been produced by the History channel. We both liked it but I was put off by the senseless violence that the Vikings bestowed upon a poor community of pious monks on the English coast when they posed no threat to the Vikings who came to their lands to plunder for gold and other riches. I understood that the Viking culture was one based on raiding other communities, but the other communities were armed and defended themselves, here the monks were defenseless and to see them slaughtered by the Vikings was awful. I am not sure how accurate the producers are with the history but it does make for drama. This is the same channel that has produced The Bible which has been very successful with its viewership, I have watched three episodes and they make for good storytelling.

Later on we are going to watch Once Upon a Time, a modern fairy tale replete with every single Disney character that you can think of, from Snow White to Captain Hook to Pinocchio, this series is one that I really like a lot.