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Yesterday when I learned of the tragic killings at the elementary school in Newton, CT, I felt numb. It was too horrific to process for several hours. I was transported back to the years where I taught French in elementary school and how safe I felt there and moreover how safe I felt about my children being there. I couldn’t imagine being one of those parents who senselessly lost a child yesterday.

What really blew my mind was the realization that, here in this country, we are experiencing this chilling horrific killings more and more frequently and I am at a loss as to why. More importantly, I am at a loss as to why there is a significant portion of our nation who truly feel that now is not the time for a nation wide debate on gun control. Between the N.R.A, it is a powerful lobby, and the worship of our 2nd amendment, we are seemingly hog tied in a stalemate regarding any meaningful gun control legislation.

The concerns that now flash through my mind is that in actuality we aren’t safe anywhere. My babies could be in harm’s way on their college campuses. I could be shopping at my favorite supermarket and bam, someone who has snapped and has easy access to guns and ammo can come in and good night to all.

These horribly negative feelings will leave me shortly, just as it will leave the minds of most who weren’t directly affected by the tragic shootings in CT, sadly those who lost their family will never be the same again. But we will see more tragedies like this in the near future if we continue soldering on and lose the opportunity to take strong decisive measures to make it difficult to obtain weapons and ammo.

This was so sad to write about however I think that I had to write it, rather than keep it all inside. I was becoming depressed and unsettled by the randomness of the violence.