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My adventure continues with my mommy. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good so after my mommy drove her two hours, which she was very proud of and so was I, I took over and just kept going. We had planned to stop either in Pottersville New York or further up at Keeseville, New York but I still had some energy so I kept going. In the back of my mind, I was also thinking that we had six hours of driving to my house once we got Nolwenn, so the closer we got to Nolwenn the less it meant to add to the six hour drive that we are doing today.

I have only one complaint about the drive, as long as we were on 87 I was thinking, you know this really isn’t bad at all, I can do this again. However, after Keeseville, the GPS told us to get off 87 and onto the smaller roads. That is when it no longer seemed as easy as before. Massena is easily almost two hours off 87 and you are driving in complete farm country with nothing to look at aside from a few cows and fields. We were in the boondocks for a long time, didn’t quite care for it. I was getting a little nervous about finding accommodations and a gas station. I didn’t say anything because I knew that my mommy was worrying enough over those two questions for a thousand people. She is a worrier.

We found a Mobil gas station right before Nolwenn’s school, I was relieved and while my mommy was inside paying, I looked through the points of interest on the GPS until I found lodging. There were motels a few miles down the road and then scrolling down the list there were actual hotels just 5 miles away, hooray! We were saved!

As soon as my mommy got back into the car, we drove down the road and found Nolwenn’s school so that the next day we would know where to find her. That is when I went to the points of interest to show my mommy that we weren’t going to have to sleep in the car. She was so happy to see that we could pick between a Best Western and a Ramada.

I picked the Best Western on the GPS and off to Cornwall we were. It wasn’t until we had driven over the bridge and gone around the tiny roundabout and show the toll booth with another stopping point afterwards that oops, Cornwall is in Canada. We didn’t have our passports, after 9/11 Canada requires passports to get in, my mommy was a little nervous. I wasn’t, what was the worst that can happen? They make us turn around and go back along our merry way. That didn’t happen because I am writing this in my hotel bed at the Ramada in Cornwall. The nice man let us into Canada after making sure that we didn’t have alcohol, tobacco, firearms or pepper spray. I assured him that we didn’t and he said enjoy your stay in Canada.

I am going to have breakfast now and I hope that we won’t have any trouble getting back into the U.S.