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Have you ever had a dream that shook you all day long?  I had a dream last night that came out of nowhere, actually I shouldn’t say nowhere, but rather from the deep recesses of my emotional pysche that left me shaken, unsettled and angst ridden. Most everyone carries emotional scars but generally speaking, they don’t affect your day to day, normally scars means that they have been put away and you get on with your life. But when they come to the surface unbidden, accidentally in a dream, it really throws you for a loop. I think it’s because you are ill prepared for how scars can still inflict pain.

The means by which I deal with angst or if I am out of sorts is by physical labor. Thus today, since it is getting chilly, I decided to take out the three air conditioners from the windows and bring them back up into the attic. I find physical labor is the best method for me personally to dissipate feelings of stress, anger or anxiety. However, maybe I should specify, that even as I hold to this stress management technique, my house is not an impeccable showplace. Thankfully these feelings don’t assail me too often so my housekeeping skills don’t get applied as assiduously as one would think.

I am hoping that tonight I will dream nice pleasant dreams and wake up with my usual optimistic outlook. It is so much nicer looking at a glass half full than seeing it as half empty.