It is easy to criticize from the side benches, but if you think about it, if Romney had been President, he would have let the auto industry go under. President’­s Obama’s decision, derided by the right at the time, turned out to be a good decision for the American auto industry. Moreover, Romney, instead of standing 100% behind his decision to implement a health care insurance plan based on the individual mandate, back pedals and says that the mandate is only viable within the confines of the state. Romney endorsed the mandate because it meant individual responsibi­lity( a republican ideal) and it made fiscal sense to contain the increasing health care costs. Since he would like to be President and a huge part of our increasing deficits is due to the escalating health care costs, how can he not be brave and admit that an individual mandate makes sense on the national level? As President you have to look beyond the individual states and think bigger. You can’t govern a country as large and diverse as ours if you are running under the illusion that the States powers trump those of the federal government­. It is a grossly ineffectua­l way to govern the nation as a whole.
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