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I remember back in high school, a classmate of mine, an art student, told me that yellow and purple worked really well together. Back then I couldn’t see the combination working when it came to choosing outfits, but fast forward 30 odd years and I see how beautiful the two colors are together in my garden. I don’t think I purposely planted the purples and yellows side by side, some of the pairings came about by happenstance, a wind blown seed here or a critter burying a seed there.

The Black-eyed Susans that pop up where they feel like, which I don’t mind in the least,  seem to be drawn to my purple perennials. The wild flowers alternating between purple and yellow, depending where you look, seem to gravitate towards the yellow perennials if they are purple and vice-versa, a nice balance in the color schematic of Mother Nature’s palette.