When we left early Monday, all of my plants in the pictures posted were still in the bud stage, it was very exciting to come home, enter the back yard and see new pretty flowers, surrounded by bees feeding off their precious nectar, I ran inside to grab my cellphone and walked around the back happily clicking away.

In the picture above, I have yarrow, Bishop’s Weed and pansies blooming, a colorful melange of texture and color. I have a tiny rose bush in there, it’s still too young to bloom, next year if it survives, I’m pretty sure it will give me my first bloom which is exciting to look forward to, another shade of pink to add to the mix.

The roses around the pool are out and about joining the other roses that I had written about last week. These roses are the old fashioned roses who only bloom once during the season, I think it’s why their scent is so sweet and so strong, they only have the one time to attract bees and butterflies so their scent has to pack a wallop.