Happy Father’s Day, not only to my very handsome husband, but to all of my family and friends. Today we are going to celebrate what a wonderful father my husband is by making him fresh fettuccine with filet mignon and ribeye steaks, maybe a nice salad,  all of this hopefully delicious food complimented with a ton of hugs and kisses.

The dogs, Jack, Lulu and Stanley, figure prominently in all of our celebrations, they are our babies just like the kids. As the day progresses, most of the activity will be in the kitchen and that’s where everyone will congregate, the kids and the dogs, curious as to what all of the aromas are leading up to and when it will be ready to eat.

Our five babies will be making my husband’s day today as they always do on any given day. I hope my husband will see how much he is appreciated, that is what Father’s Day is all about, a day to show your loved one how much they matter.