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Today we are celebrating my wonderful husband’s birthday with breast of duck, jasmine rice and cream puffs, not homemade this year, but my husband loves the ones we buy, as long as he’s happy, that’s what counts.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband, he is so handsome, we had such a nice lunch that day together. Tonight we are going to have an equally lovely and delicious dinner this evening, sauteed breast of duck with a morel cream sauce, steamed jasmine rice and sauteed summer squash right out of the garden.

The morel cream sauce may sound fancy, but it isn’t; dried morel mushrooms are very easy to reconsitutue, you use the water they soaked in to add some more flavor to the cream sauce. The sauce starts with sauteed shallots, once they’re soft, you add either white wine or chicken stock, about a cup, two tablespoons of the mushroom water and two tablespoons of white wine vinegar, this gets reduced until it looks kind of syrupy, then you lower the heat and add the cream and allow it to heat, you don’t want to let it boil, just get hot and you add the reconsituted morels, voila you have the sauce. You can make this sauce for anything; chicken, pork, veal etc.

I love sauces, so does the rest of my gang, this is when I go crazy with bread, a good French baguette is essential when you have a delectable sauce to dip and soak up.

Happy Birthday dear husband!!