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I received a picture from my new French friends, Claudine and Marc and I laughed as soon as I saw it; it was part of a running joke we were throwing back and forth during our time together. Whenever we were either on the beach on Long Island or any one of the boats we took to take pictures of the New York skyline; I had a devil of a time taking pictures because of my flailing locks whipping around my face and cell phone, getting in my way of picture taking, at one time the name Medusa was hollered, I think by me and that moniker kept popping up thereafter. So when Claudine mentioned in her e-mail that she had captured a “meduse” on film, I burst out laughing when I saw that it was me and seconds later I gasped at the huge amounts of grey hair that I saw.


This was unacceptable and needed to be remedied immediately. My husband made a quick call to his good friend who owns the salon next to my mother’s house, SPACE, and viola. My head is lighter, my hair is brighter and I feel witty and pretty and gay! Kidding, I couldn’t help it, I was channeling Natalie Woods from Westside Story. It is amazing how something so frivolous as coloring and hiding your grays makes you feel so much better about yourself so quickly. When Rudy checked out my wet hair after the shampoo, I said “hooray! I won’t look lie the old hag anymore or least for another few months”. She said “you are too funny”. If hiding the grays puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face then why not I say.