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What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

I cringe whenever I hear my voice on recordings; I don’t hear what I hear in my head when I am talking to myself, instead I hear a weird, nasal mumbling voice with a weird accent that is not what I know to be my voice and yet it is my voice. You would think that my abhorrence of my voice’s sound would deter me from ever speaking again, but since I don’t listen to it outside my head, I forget how ugly I sound. I posted a video of Jack doing stuff and you can hear me in the background.

I then made a little video to show how I sound in English and in French; I sound awful. I know that there is a physiological reason we sound so very different to ourselves then to the outside world, but it would be nice to have a melodious voice as opposed to the mumbly thing of I have going, I clearly needed diction and elocution classes while growing up, I know that I could change this; maybe I’ll try and do a more patrician accent and manner of speaking, something along the lines of Downton Abbey. That would be a nice change. Where’s my Higgins when I need him.

This is quite the frivolous post, I admit, but it did give me the opportunity to experiment a lot more with techie matters such as uploading media and figuring out how and where to place it. I need all of the practice I can get. It is painfully obvious to me, I had some fun doing this so be prepared to perhaps see more videos in the future.