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Today the news coverage was very extensive over the passing of Margaret Thatcher at 87 years of age. The coverage was quite varied from extremely complimentary to quite critical, I would think that the varied reactions show how important and influential Margaret Thatcher’s policies were domestically and internationally. If she hadn’t had such an influence, her passing would have elicited less of a response

What I remember about Margaret Thatcher is her close relationship with our former President Ronald Reagan, they seemed to be two peas in a pod. I used to wonder if Nancy Reagan was ever jealous. I was a teenager back then so my mind would go to the potential love triangle and such, just like in my favorite soap opera’s General Hospital and One Life to Live. Former President Reagan said himself that in Margaret Thatcher he had found a soulmate, so one could see how I could have wondered about any jealousy on Nancy’s part. That reminds me of something a former governor of South Carolina or was it North Carolina, anyway it was one of the Carolina’s, Mark Sanford when he explained why he had lied about his disappearance on the Appalachian Trail; he had told everyone that he went hiking when in actuality he had gone off to see his mistress. His explanation for keeping a mistress was that she was his soulmate. I don’t think married men should refer to other women as their soul-mates, it just doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, I am not saying that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were doing anything untoward but it seemed odd to me that one would refer to the other as a soul-mate. They did share the same economical and limited government vision even though they had an odd way of showing it. They both seemed to view big military as crucial to government. Ronald Reagan had his “Star Wars” initiative, his explosive defense spending that had put the U.S in the red for years after. Margret Thatcher had her war in the Falkland Islands which I never understood why it happened in the first place. The Falkland Islands are so very far away from Great Britain but that was then and Reagan sent help during that time.

Seeing Margaret Thatcher’s tributes and reactions to her passing just reminded me about how much Ronald Reagan and she had influenced both their own countries and the world beyond their terms, the direction that the United States and Great Britain would go far into the next century. I wonder if they realized this when they were discussing policy and when they were just talking, if they would dream about the future and their own legacies. I see those two sitting in easy chairs sipping brandy and agreeing with each other over a variety of issues. It’s a vivid portrait of two people comfortable with power.

I will be in my easy chair playing spider solitaire on my iPad feeling very comfortable with my special power of solving my little mental gymnastic games.