Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

My great aunt Georgette gave me a poupon, a doll with a cloth body and a rubber head. It is a baby boy and I remember naming him John. I still have John, he is 45 years old and a little worse for wear. I have had to perform surgeries on him because when I passed him on to my baby girl she would play with John and with Marshall our black Lab and Marshall got a little too affectionate with poor John. So John has been back in my room all safe and sound for many years. I remember my mother knitting sweaters for John in the winter time so that he wouldn't be cold. I was never interested in dolls but I loved John, he was my little baby, I didn't play with him as a toy, I kept him warm and comfortable on my bed and slept with him near me. He is a memento from my childhood and also from my great aunt Georgette who babysat me when I was little and whom I loved very much.

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