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Our little Jack has several cute ways of both walking and running, in addition to his leaps and jumps. He does this odd combination of a prance and jump, we call it the Odie from the Garfield cartoon or if you have ever seen the cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch’s dog Max does the same prance/jump as Jack.

I like to share Jack’s adorable personality because he brightens my day everyday and I’d like to share the love with my readers. Spending a minute watching a nice, friendly, adorable pet like Jack playing fetch can distract you from whatever worries that may be plaguing you, at least for a minute or so.

Now that our back yard has finally shed much of its snow, our little Jack has been spending more time searching for his prey, the chipmunks, who have finally emerged from hibernation so he has been a hunter with a mission these past few days. He hasn’t caught any in part due to, I think, his long winter session of being a couch potato (hee, hee). He needs to get back to his prior speed and quick reflexes if he is going to be serious about even catching a chipmunk. I don’t push him to be a hunter but I do like the exercise that it gives him. My chipmunk population, if it is anything like it was last year, is so large that they won’t be shy coming out.

I hope that Jack’s video puts a smile on your face. He does so to me on a daily basis. In all the seriousness of life, sometimes silliness is required.