I am still in shock I suppose, but I received some bad news from the doctor today, definitive news really, my tumor that was discovered in my esophagus, during Monday’s  endoscopy, is cancer, a squamous cell carcinoma to be precise. I had a Cat Scan this afternoon, the proper type complete with a Barium drink and contrast dye, we’ll learn the extent of the cancer on Monday along with a course of action depending on what stage this cancer presents itself.

I am feeling positive, though I have to confess that I am going to indulge in chocolate, cookie dough and whatever else tickles my tastebuds, I am throwing caution to the wind this weekend.

I have been complaining about my irritated throat and spastic esophagus for so long, it is almost a relief to finally have an answer. I know surgery is definitely an option and just the idea of getting this growth out of my throat/esophagus gives me hope, because I was getting sick and tired of constantly feeling something and it has become painful after all this time.

I have been sitting on this news for days, the gastroenterologist wrote down his findings after the endoscopy Monday, “likely malignant tumor”, we had to wait until today to find out the biopsy results, but the gastroenterologist was right on the money when he diagnosed what he had seen, so come Monday we are going to have a treatment plan and hopefully it will be short and sweet. I am keeping my fingers crossed.