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My Yucca plants always amaze me. I had never seen a Yucca before I moved into my house; I had heard of them, but I had always thought that they were native to the desert. I googled Yucca and according to Wikipedia they are native to the Southwest and are primarily ornamental plants. So how my Yuccas survive the harsh Western Massachusetts where I live is beyond me.

There was a year where I thought that the big Yucca bush had bitten the dust; something had devoured it from the roots upward and I figured that it would never recover. Au contraire, it came back bigger and stronger than ever. Moreover just a month ago, I took the rake and the clippers to the Yucca to divest it of the oldest leaves and cut away all of the dead weight and as you can see the new crop of blossoms came from the new shoots that erupted shortly after I pruned it.

The little one that is featured by the stone wall; last week I had left for a goner, as you can see I was mistaken. I am amazed at the yucca’s tenacity especially in its non-native environment, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get watered enough, if bunnies make their nests at its bases or if it doesn’t get much sun; it won’t surrender.

After I took the picture of the tiny Yucca, I turned and saw the prettiest sky behind me off by the white Lilac bush right at my bedroom window and I had to capture it as a picture.