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Today I am 47 years old. I know that I should not complain, the alternative is so much worse. Cameron Diaz said it extremely well “growing old is a privilege” so I am privileged today.

It is amazing to me what seeing the signs of getting old does to one’s inner dialogue, it raises all sorts of questions. I am often thinking of what does it mean to age and what does wisdom have to do with it, if one gets more open to ideas or more closed off? I hope that I stay open to new ideas and new styles, I don’t want to close myself off from new trends, that wouldn’t be any fun.

I wish that my memories didn’t feel as if they were rapidly fading and that I could remember more things crisply and in color, instead of the sepia toned memories that I am still luckily clinging on to or perhaps my failing memory bank is simply a symptom of menopause, I hope so because that means that as soon as I am done with the menopause, my brain will start to work again. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Late last night after midnight, I got to open my cards and my presents; I got so spoiled for my birthday. My cards were very funny and also very sweet. I love cards, they show that someone took the time to find something just right to wish you a joyful feeling, just the act of looking means a lot.

I love all of my presents; my gorgeous new handbag, my spiffy M&M lounge pants and my beautiful white shirt. I am incredibly lucky and privileged to add another year under my belt and to have such a wonderful family to celebrate it with, life is truly wonderful.