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My hubby and I loved the movie! Director David O Russell is one heck of a director with a grand vision. The seventies where the movie was set, was alive and kicking, I don’t think that anything was forgotten; the clothes, the cars, the attitude, the music and the city, everything felt true, without a hint of nostalgia because it wasn’t that kind of movie. This movie was about the con, getting caught, trying to keep your head above the water and steering clear of a sinking ship.

I was born in 1967 so I might have heard about ABSCAM, the F.B.I’s takedown of a few corrupt politicians, so while I was watching the movie, it still felt fresh and stress inducing, since I couldn’t remember any of the details, I was in elementary school and busy with other things at the time.

The acting was stellar. I mean there was not a single performance that wasn’t excellent. I do have to say that while Amy Adams did exemplary work, Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely amazing. Her character was so far out there, it helped dispel the built in anxiety that hovered above the entire movie and it was very welcome. Jennifer’s character made me burst out laughing a few times and made me feel better because I was nervous for Christian Bale’s character, Irving, and Amy Adams character, Sydney; their con game was a tight rope that was so razor thin that sometimes you felt that holding your breath was the only way to get through the scene. I can’t forget Bradley Cooper, his character was just as complex and integral as the other three and Robert DeNiro, when he wants to be scary and intimidating, boy can he.

This is a definite must see movie, excellent movies should always be seen, if only to get your head away from the usual and onto different places, escapism is never a bad thing.