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This morning I woke up to thick fog, 33 degrees and freezing rain and sleet. Yesterday the temperatures were in the upper forties and tomorrow we will be seeing temperatures in the mid fifties. What is going on? The poor crocus are seriously unhappy, you can see it in the pictures. The poor dears are shaking and trembling from the cold, what’s up with that? The fog here is always thick and in my opinion pretty cool, I never mind fog, I however mind freaky sleet and freezing rain coming down on my delicate blossoms. You should have heard the ladies at weight class, they were quite unhappy. They all asked to cut our session short because the freezing rain was getting worse and worse and they were getting nervous about the drive home. We all live in the hills, so there is no escaping going up or down and with slick roads, it can be quite challenging.

If the weather wasn’t acting so weirdly, I wouldn’t be writing about it. Better to write about crazy weather than a certain crazy North Korean dictator. He is off his rocker, that one is. Like I said much better to think of more mundane things especially right before the weekend.