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When the baby girl calls, my hubby and I answer asking, “what can we do for you and where would you like to eat?” We both remember being away for the first time from our parents, granted it was eons ago, but we still remember. So when the baby girl calls several times during the week, asking if we are coming for Parents Weekend and if instead of doing the scripted activities, we could come and take her out for sushi, bring her the horseback riding stuff that was left behind in her vast room and perhaps go walk around the mall and visit a few stores, how could we say no?

We are lucky that her college is only an hour and twenty minutes from our house so a round trip isn’t too much driving. My hubby found a really nice sushi place where they even had an all you can eat sushi buffet for 15 dollars. We didn’t do the buffet, I can’t picture buffet and sushi together in a good way. We ordered from the menu, my baby girl and I shared four rolls between us, a monster roll, a dragon roll, a caterpillar roll and a Philadelphia roll. They all share avocado in common, rice, nori, the philadelphia roll is the only one that had cream cheese and smoked salmon, the other three had smoked eel, spicy tuna and Maura tuna. My hubby had scallops tempura and a spider roll, this one has soft shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber, rice and nori. So lunch was a hit.

The mall was another homerun, the baby girl found her favorite store, found the things she needed really quickly and before it ever became too painful, we were done with the mall. So after good food and good shopping, we dropped off the baby girl in front of her dorm and we were back home to Rex and Jack in time for their early evening walk since our baby boy was over earlier to feed them.

As parents we are feeling very productive today, don’t worry, we never let that go to our heads. We are parents after all to young adults, what do we know?