Our son and I went off to Mass. General Hospital today to get my staples, all 37 of them, removed. Doctor Mullally had told me it wasn’t going to hurt, and for the first time ever, he got it wrong, it did hurt. Was it angonizing? No, of course not, it felt more like the annoyance of several paper cuts which can be quite aggravating instead. I kept my smile on because it is pointless to complain, the nurse practitioner worked as quickly as she could and we were out in no time, better yet we were able to get out of Boston before rush hour, happy day for us!

Anyway, before we got my staples out, my son and I had Thai food, it’s always fun going out to restaurants with our children, they both appreciate it very much, no matter where we wind up eating. We stumbled on the King and I on Charles Street, we were lured into the restaurant because they had a picture of Anthony Bourdain. Was it the best Thai food? No but it was adequate, convenient and we liked most of what we ate. We just thought that having Anthony Bourdain as a guest would have meant the food was more refined and flavorful, less bland. 

We still had a wonderful time together, laughing and talking, and that is all that counts. And my head is staple-free!