The best part of Thanksgiving, Jack, Lulu and Stanley will back me up on this, are the leftovers. If you are lucky, you can have almost an entire weekend of no cooking, I think this year we’re set up for precisely that, no cooking until maybe Monday. 

Stanley and Lulu adore laying on the big couch, letting it all hang out, they look extremely comfy, but don’t let appearances fool you, they can get up and get to the kitchen in mere seconds. It sounds like an army mobilizing their mess tent with pots and pans flying, because when Stanley and Lulu unleash their strength from their seated positions on the couch, you have a combined weight of about 200 lbs and that weight is slipping on wood floors, straining to make it around corners and not slam into a wall. It is quite comical to watch as long as you’re in the safety zone.