Pumpkin pie is easily my favorite thing to bake for Thanksgiving. I have made other types of pie over the years, but ever since I discovered my recipe, which is a combination of a recipe from a newspaper my husband found and the recipe from the Libby pumpkin purée can, I have always made it a point to bake at least one pumpkin pie amongst whichever other pie I decided to experiment with that year, whether it was apple or pear. I can’t remember when I started baking pumpkin pie, I think it was when we moved up to Blandford and into our house, 1995 or so, maybe a year or two later.

I think it’s pretty funny that I grew up not having pumpkin pie as a part of the Thanksgiving feast. We celebrated Thanksgiving as many immigrant families do, adapting our French culinary tastes and sensibilities to the idea of Thanksgiving, which of course is a day of grace and gratitude. Our dessert for Thanksgiving was always a Saint Honoré, a gorgeous concoction of flaky dough, cream puff dough with tons of vanilla pastry cream and whipped cream, a delicious ending to our French version of turkey day, which we always looked forward to because no matter where you are from, it is a beautiful sentiment to celebrate with your family.

I know my first pumpkin pie was eaten at my mother-in-law’s house, I remember thinking it was intriguing and my curiosity was piqued so I had to find recipes to make my own. When my husband found the newspaper recipe, I think I made my first completely from scratch using that recipe. I’m pretty sure I married the two recipes when I decided to stop roasting the actual pumpkin and use Libby’s pumpkin purée and I never looked back.