Today my mother, my sister, myself, plus one of my mother’s oldest friends had a delicious lunch at my sister’s house. As we were eating a sampling of soups, one was a red lentil and the other was an escarole and white bean soup, I was thinking of my father and how I was missing him lately, it is that time of year,  feasts and family celebration. It made me think how the three of us were the Jones girls.

We moved on to a sampling of sandwiches, roasted vegetables on a crunchy sourdough and turkey, avocado and cheese on a ciabatta, this mini feast was our Thanksgiving celebration together, the Jones girls taking comfort and happiness in good food and great conversation. 

We even indulged in a sampling of dessert; cheesecake, tiramisu and a chocolate mousse and cake concoction which were quite tasty. 

I got to smother my nephew and my niece    with big hugs and kisses, just a little bit of torture for the youngins lol. 

It was an excellent day from start to finish. My husband came and collected me after he kissed my mother, my sister and my mother’s friend hello and we are back home with the puppies. It’s now time to rest.