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I love watching movies without any expectations, you just go in for the journey and come out on the other side of the story. My husband and I both enjoyed the movie very much, it wasn’t your average sci-fi movie, like Independence Day full of action, terror and potential annihilation of mankind, it was more of a cerebral sci-fi movie, still full of potential threat, but the question was always at whose hand, ours or theirs? 

The questions raised by the story kept the movie interesting throughout, our limited faculties in divining responses from something non human lay at the crux of the matter. Amy Adams was wonderful as the linguist Doctor Louise Brooks, she made language so powerful and transformative. The theories revolving around how language effects your way of thinking, how learning new languages can rewire neural pathways and open your mind kept me engaged, but I was still fearful for our survival in the movie because there was a lot of military involved and language isn’t too sexy in that milieu.

Time was another concept introduced into the canvas, I’ve seen how other sci-fi movies have treated time as a construct and this movie did an interesting job folding the idea of time being non linear for the aliens and linked to their language. I can’t explain it very well, but it made sense during the movie.

The movie wasn’t what we had expected, but we were very happy to have seen it.