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My husband and I went to see Inferno last week, I can’t believe I forgot to write about it, I think I got distracted by our son’s birthday celebration last weekend. We enjoyed the movie, another chapter in Dan Brown’s fascinating world of patterns, codes and conspiracies. I read the book, I enjoyed it as I have his other’s, though I disagree with the premiss of the “evil” threat of over-population, for me Dan Brown’s work is all about the art and treasures of antiquity, that’s where the beauty of the character Robert Langdon comes in and his guidance through the world of religious and cultural lore and who better to play him than Tom Hanks.

My husband and I left the movie dying to revisit Florence and Venice with a long side trip to the grand city of Instanbul. The idea of walking through the streets of these three cities excites my imagination. One of these days hopefully.