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My friends Claudine, Marc and I spent the day doing the downtown loop by way of the New York City sightseeing bus tour. I had never done it before and I am now a fan. Claudine and Marc enjoyed it tremendously as well, we did have a slight hiccup, but it didn’t take anything away from the overall enjoyment of the day. The great thing about these bus tours is the idea that you can hop on and hop off, so we hopped off at the Flat Iron District and when we tried to hop back on at Union Square, unfortunately the guide book directed us to the wrong street, we missed two buses, but the important thing was that we figured it out eventually, lol. We bravely decided to do it again, this time at the South Street Seaport, this time we found the bus so we hopped back on without a hitch, we really liked the Seaport, it’s still being worked on, but there is a lot to see and the history is simply fascinating, an important part of New York’s formative years.