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My husband had business in Boston today, I never mind visiting Boston, despite the rain it’s a beautiful vibrant city. He also took me out to lunch at Brasserie Jo, a brasserie, strictly speaking, has Alsatian origins, serves beer on tap and has a long menu with with a variety of seafood choices and the invariable Alsatian choucroute. This brasserie was more casual than what you would find in Paris, but the food was just as good. We both started with their onion soup, it’s been a while since we have enjoyed a good onion soup gratiné, the ratio of croutons, onions and gruyère cheese was textbook, my only criticism was with the broth, it was a little too sweet for my taste, a shot of Pernod would have given just the bite it needed, at least in my opinion. Afterward, we shared escargots en cocotte, I adore snails however they are prepared, but the key in any preparation is the sauce, the sauce here needed parsley and armagnac to cut through the butter’s richness, again just my opinion. I’m picky aren’t I, lol. I had moules/frites as a main course, they were served in a Riesling cream sauce alongside excellent fries, my husband had crepe Newbug for his main course, he really enjoyed it, it had a healthy portion of salmon, spinach and lobster with the classic Newburg sauce, after all this we were happily satisfied.