I had written about planning to prune my mother’s garden next spring. My mother couldn’t wait until next spring, she wanted it done yesterday, when my mother decides something, it needs to be done toute suite. She called the original landscaper, he called her back this time, he had left her hanging last year, he came to see what needed to be done and voila, a tidy and rejuvenated garden.

When I looked over his work, I was glad he came to do the hard pruning, I wouldn’t have had the courage to cut back the hydrangea tree as much as he did. I also would have been too timid pruning the miniature Japanese maple, I think I would have been okay with the box wood though, and probably with the smaller evergreens. It’s one thing to cut away at your own trees and shrubs, quite another when they belong to someone else and you make a mistake. When in doubt, let a professional take care of it, it’s a nice way to keep your hands clean lol.