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My chemotherapy isn’t working, the tumor in my lung has grown, so my doctor is now busy working on plan B, getting me into an immunotherapy program and/or a clinical trial, he’s not only doing that,  he also got me into Dana Farber this Thursday for a second opinion, he told me this morning that he will be contacting my rheumatologist to further discuss the state of my rheumatoid arthritis, this is important because it will determine my eligibility to participate in trials and immunotherapy programs and he will be calling the doctor at Dana Farber to get him up to speed before Thursday. Sean is also starting the paperwork to get me all set to start as soon as possible. We are hitting this from all angles so I feel good about that, I also know my cancer is a lazy one, it takes its time spreading so we have time to get this right, moreover I’m a youngish, healthy, active and optimistic person, all bonus points on my side in this battle.

So the adventure continues, this time with a plan B.