When I got home from the hospital, I had three impatient dogs waiting for me. They were hungry of course, but I think they must smell something different about me, because they seem more clingy when I have tests or chemo than if I come back from say, grocery shopping. They were really hungry, they devoured their food in seconds and then they were ready to be scratched and hugged.

This scan is an important one, we are going to find out on Monday if my treatment is working, I really hope it is, because this chemo isn’t so bad, I don’t want something stronger. I am going to need a movie this weekend, just for a distraction, yes the dogs are distracting, but I’m thinking a fun, fantastical movie would really do the trick and then something fun and yummy to eat. I like this plan, it’s not a new plan, we more or less do this plan almost every weekend, but it’s a solid plan and works real well for us.