My husband has been busy in the kitchen, our son and his girlfriend are coming for Sunday dinner. I think he has done a wonderful job, everything looks quite appetizing. He had fun with the slab of pork belly we got from our local Mennonites, they have locally sourced grass-fed beef, pastured pigs, raw milk and organic, free range eggs. I forget what he did to the pork belly before it ended up in the slow cooker, but it smelled real good during the entire process. The mashed potatoes went under the broiler after I took the picture, they smelled delicious after being browned by the flames.

I love the salad my husband put together, watermelon, blueberries, romaine lettuce, peppers and iceberg lettuce with a blue cheese dressing, a yin and yang kind of salad. The cheeses and the pate made sense both before and after the pork belly and mashed potatoes with the salad acting as the palate cleanser to finish the meal.

We had a very lovely dinner together, it’s wonderful when dinner gets on the table and you had nothing to do with it. Thank you my husband.