Boy does Stanley have a big head. When he wants a kiss, he isn’t shy about it, especially when papa is eating ice cream, Stanley loves his kisses sweet, lol. Stanley worships my husband, he loves us all, but he is especially attached to my husband which is what I wanted, my husband is the most dog crazy person I have ever met and having a special bond with Stanley makes him so very happy. When our son comes by, Stanley is over the moon, but when our son leaves Stanley doesn’t get sad because he has his papa right where he needs him.

I don’t get jealous at all, Stanley gives me the kind of attention I like, he sits quietly to my side and I pet him for as long as I like, when I’m done, Stanley knows to go lay down. Several times during the day, Stanley comes for his caresses, I give them and we’re both happy. Dogs are amazing, Stanley knows us, he understands our differences and responds appropriately, getting what he needs at that moment from the human most apt to give it. 

And yes, Stanley does slobber when he kisses, even when he hugs, he slobbers, towels are a necessity when loving a dog like Stanley.