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Tom Hanks is such an amazing actor, Aaron Earkhart who played his co-pilot, did a great job as well. This movie was excellent, my husband and I were both captivated throughout its entirety. These two pilots were fundamentally good, solid, professionals who did the extraordinary in a horrific circumstance of unforeseeable and inescapable engine failure at low altitude amongst one of the busiest metropolitan areas on the planet.

What struck me immediately was the difference between my recollection of the Miracle on the Hudson and what was going on behind the scenes. Our news media were quick to proclaim a hero, yet I don’t remember the media reporting there being a serious investigation into Sully’s decision making process, mental and emotional state, or even the possibility of human error. I was so aware, while watching “Sully” anguish with his second guessing, his nightmares, his initial panic after the forced water landing at possible loss of life, his experience during those 208 seconds were so much graver and more intense than I had even possibly imagined it. The investigative board kept the pressure on with their reliance on computer simulations as an analytical tool to interpret Sully’s actions and his decisions. That is where I have to give it to the strength of Sully’s character, despite being tapped by twinges of doubt, he knew he had done everything he could, he had done his job informed by four decades of experience and was able to communicate it to the audience, this is why Tom Hanks is such an amazing actor, you could not tear yourself away from “Sully” and what he was going through, we agonized with him, worried for him even knowing how it all turned out at the end.

An excellent movie, my husband and I highly recommend seeing it.