Normally I welcome blooms of all kinds, except these, all these tiny flowers means more Japanese knotweed or American bamboo, in my head this invasive species will always be bamboo and a bane of my existence. However the bees are loving the flowers, I wonder what this particular flavor of honey tastes like, I’ve never seen it anywhere. I’d be curious to see what it tastes like, it would be nice to see something positive come out from my many battles trying to contain this mighty rival.

Now these blooms are what I look forward to, these make me happy, I love their color, bright and cheerful. These perennials are welcome to spread their joyous color wherever they like because they don’t squeeze the life of their compadres, unlike my foe the American “bamboo”. Ironically, the dark green at the bottom of the picture is another one of my foes, Bishop’s weed, next year I have some serious work to do, I have to dig the Bishop’s weed out of that flower bed before my upright phlox gets choked out.