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My husband and I have been fans of the Mechanic franchise, Jason Statham is one of our favorite action stars and so we were looking forward to this latest installment. Jason did not disappoint, not one bit, he still has it in him to be believable as a ruthless champion of the underdog. I have to admit I was disappointed that his character’s base of operations was no longer in the south of France, we also didn’t get to see his old friend the Inspector, they briefly explained why that was, it made sense, but I still missed the gorgeous French scenery. Speaking of scenery, Brazil, Thailand and Romania weren’t too shabby, my husband and I could see ourselves walking along the glorious beach where Jason had set up another base of operations.

The only critique we have of the movie was the lazy formulaic “love story”, it felt scripted and heavy handed. Jason’s character doesn’t need a damsel in distress scenario to fuel his righteous anger, we would believe him battling the bad guy because it’s the right thing to do, we don’t need a quickie love story to drive the plot.

Both my husband and I were most engaged when Jason was doing his preparations, his reconnaissance and research for his “assignments” those were the best parts of the movie. They also brought in one of the big guns, Tommy Lee Jones, not a bad guy per se, not a good guy either, it will be interesting to see if he plays any role down the road in future installments.

It was a lot of fun to watch, despite the kissing parts lol.