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My husband and I went into this movie expecting silliness and slapstick, we weren’t disappointed, it was very funny, but it was more than that, it dealt with the issues of expectations, judgment, responsibility, accountability and what does parenting really mean in the final analysis.

I liked how the movie highlighted the “mean girls” aspect of motherhood judging, you hope to escape it once you leave high school, however fast forward to your parenting chapter and you find those individuals who decide that they are the final arbiters of what is acceptable and what is not. During the movie I was trying to remember if I felt judged as a mother, it was hard because I was laughing a lot, but afterwards, driving home, I can think of a few times listening to other mothers speak about what they were doing and feeling inadequate. I now have the luxury of hindsight, our children are young adults and I have learned that you do the best you can and hope your children grow up to be kind, compassionate and happy. It is hard to be this philosophical when you are deep in the trenches with young children, work and all the after school activities and that’s what the movie explained quite creatively. 

I loved the friendship between the three “bad moms”, friendship does wonders when you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed and the message that a happy mom is a relaxed mom. Mom is one big subject worthy of a movie and this one did it justice with a lot of laughter.