Have you ever had a craving for tuna fish, but don’t have exactly what you need to make it just the way you like it? Normally, I make my tuna fish with diced celery, minced celery leaves from the heart of the celery, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. So here I am,  hankering for a tuna fish sandwich, really craving one and I didn’t have celery, my husband suggested diced onion, but I don’t like raw onion with my tuna fish, I find it too overpowering in flavor. While I was going over other possible things to eat, my brain flashed on the half dozen green and red peppers we had in the refrigerator from our local farm stand. Why not put diced green and red peppers in my tuna fish? Funny that I had never thought to do that before, it isn’t far-fetched in terms of ingredient combinations, it had just never occurred to me to put them together on a sandwich. It was delicious, I had the crunch from the peppers that I ordinarily get with the celery and the flavor melded in nicely with the tuna fish, mayonnaise and mustard, it was a great sandwich.