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What a touching, funny and wonderful movie. Meryl Streep, surprise surprise, gave an Oscar worthy performance, she made Florence so much more, as people are so much more than just the sum of their parts. Her portrayal as Florence made Hugh Grant’s portrayal of her second husband make so much more sense. I, like Hugh Grant’s character, wanted Florence to succeed and thus be buoyed by her adoration of music. Simon Helberg as her accompanying pianist gave an equally touching performance, full of hesitancy but also of loyalty, there were no phone-in performances here, not by anyone.

This movie captured my attention and my heart with its compassionate storytelling, vivid scenery and period costumes. I felt transported back to the 1940’s, a bygone era. I’m so glad Florence Foster Jenkins wasn’t a fictional character, I know she lived a life of pain and adversity, being wealthy didn’t shield her from either, money doesn’t buy everything, but she still found love, friendship and passion in the form of her beloved music. She found joy in her life and we could take comfort in that.