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This afternoon I had an appointment with Doctor Sean, my husband accompanied me as usual, we were looking for answers and assurances. I’m still having a little trouble wrapping my head around the thought of spending my foreseeable future undergoing chemotherapy. According to Doctor Sean, I should be able to tolerate the regimen relatively well. I can expect hair thinning, fatigue and perhaps intestinal troubles but he thinks that is doubtful. He chose a type of drug that won’t give me neuropathy, my last tango with chemotherapy gave me some neuropathy and I don’t want to go through that again, Doctor Sean was aware of that which explains his choice of treatment. I have been fighting against this pit I have been carrying around in my stomach, a tightness in my chest and visiting with Doctor Sean helped ease my anxiety and dread. He has a wonderful way of condensing a lot of information into manageable bites, he also communicates his passion and his drive to find the latest study and clinical trials available anywhere. I feel much better after spending close to an hour with him listening to him and having the time to think and ask questions without feeling rushed. It is going to take some time before I get used to this new normal. I’ll get there.