We got to my mother’s house the day before yesterday, sometimes you just need mom.  As I wrote about yesterday, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with a simple dinner and then we watched t.v, specifically Bear Gyllis taking Julianne Hough out in South Africa for a 2 day trek, he cooked for her as well out on the savannah, a protein rich dinner of grubs boiled in fresh elephant dung. We had a much more appealing dinner, shrimp and quinoa lol.

My mother took the news of my upcoming chemotherapy regimen like a trooper. I know where I got my inner strength from, my mom. She has often been a source of calm, I have taken my cues from her for as long as I can remember. I think she has helped me since I was little to step back, take a breath before letting my emotions get the better of me. It has helped put a lot of things in perspective over the years.

On a happier note, her garden looks very pretty, I love the hydrangea tree, a bundle of white brightness, puts a smile on anyone’s face, no matter how their day is going.