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My husband and I went to see Star Trek Beyond again, we needed an escape and there isn’t much better escapism than Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek universe. I have been freaking out a little, tomorrow we have an appointment with my new thoracic oncologist, so I needed two hours to lose myself into space, with a crew who demonstrates courage and determination beyond the odds.

I actually enjoyed it better the second time around, I had so much less stress for everyone, I could sit back and enjoy all the details that I had missed the first time. The dialogue didn’t lose its edge or its humor, I still laughed at the back and forth between Bones and Spock. Justin Lin the director did an amazing job, I’m sure J.J Abrahms gave him a high five at the end.

Lieutenant O’hura, in my opinion, is so well written as a female character.  She is in love, but doesn’t lose her identity, she is widely respected for her intelligence, her skills at linguistics and her combat training. She holds her own amongst the men and they show how high in their esteem she rests. I love watching great ensembles at play, I’m definitely going to miss Anton who played Checkov so well. We sat through until the end of the credits just to see the dedications to Leonard Nimoy and to Anton, both actors will be deeply missed in the Star Trek family.