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I didn’t know the oregano herb had such cute little flowers, to be honest I had forgotten all about it. Last year I had planted my oregano plant in between two lilies with Black-eyed Susans popping up all around, so I completely forgot about it this year, that is until I noticed flowers that I had never had seen before in that spot. I had a hard time getting the flowers in focus with the other flowers in the background, I lucked out with the closeup however.

My azalea, the one I was mourning, albeit prematurely, came back pretty nicely. It gave me two flowers even though its leaves were missing, it looked so pitiful back in the spring, now it looks much healthier. My other azalea is doing better but it hasn’t recovered as beautifully as this one.

Patience is a constant when it comes to gardening, it also goes a long way in life.