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When Stanley was a tiny puppy, it was relatively easy to walk him, he followed without a problem and he wasn’t that skittish, the challenge back then was trying to walk without being stopped every five minutes by someone who wanted to pet him and drool over how absolutely adorable he was, and he was adorable, all fluffy like a tiny bear cub.

Fast forward nine months, very few people stop us to pet him and drool over his cuteness. We most often get a wide berth from pedestrians lol. Stanley isn’t difficult to walk as long as he isn’t frightened or suddenly spooked. The problem with the city is that you never know who you are going to walk by and what noise may suddenly pierce the relative silence. When Stanely is spooked, he becomes anxious and all he wants to do is get back to my mother’s house. When Stanley is frightened by a person, he reacts with growling and barking, not very conducive to a pleasant walk. When Stanley barks, I talk to him firmly and calmly, he doesn’t lunge or pull, but he lets everyone know that he sees them. Stanley’s latest move which is challenging is his plop to the ground as dead weight, I have to psyche him out to get him to move, so far I have been successful every time he has pulled this little stunt.

I hope Stanley gets acclimated to the city soon, it gets very tiring walking him, worrying that he will bark or plop to the floor. He grew way too fast.