These faces only a mother can love lol, I’m just kidding of course, I think they are adorable. I have a confession to make, whenever Stanley comes over with his huge mouth open with slobber hanging down from his tongue, either I grab a paper towel to wipe his face before he’s allowed near mine or I tell him to go lay down, anything to not get that gooey slobber on me. Lulu and Jack don’t have that issue, but they have their own foibles. Jack is the mastermind behind holes dug all around the perimeter, taught Lulu and Stanley how great it is to sit on people even if the person doesn’t want to be sat on and the barking even when it’s not necessary. Lulu is stubborn and when she doesn’t want to move, she becomes stiff as a board and dead weight on top of it, trying to physically move her is difficult because she doesn’t help, she makes it as awkward to move her as possible with all four legs straight out. She also wakes you up at ungodly hours in the morning bringing the other two in on her morning wake up call. She leads the brigade up onto the bed, lays her head on yours and snorts in your ear until you move, however I burrow further under the covers and forcefully say “go away” that works most of the time. Thank goodness for the small things lol.

My trio of renegades, I’m teasing, I wouldn’t trade these three for the world, they keep us hopping and make us laugh at least once a day.