This year I am conducting a garden experiment, I haven’t physically worked on it at all, I am allowing my garden to do as it pleases, my decision is based on my constant fatigue and my weekly absences from the garden due to being with my husband during his frequent trips out of town. Do I miss weeding? Perhaps a little bit, just the meditative aspect that proper weeding affords me. I have done a little bit of weeding because the Bishop’s Weed has taken the opportunity to spread throughout my little gardens, so I bend over and yank them out, but that isn’t the correct way to weed them. I would have to sit myself down for hours of digging out their insane extensive root system that spreads out by feet rather than inches and I don’t feel up to that challenge.

I can see that this experiment can only last this one season, Bishop’s Weed is too powerful a weed to leave unchecked for more than one summer if I want to keep my perennials healthy and alive. Bishop’s Weed can choke the root system of other plants quite quickly, so next year I will have my work cut out for me, I will need to start in the early spring snuffing out the tiny Bishop’s Weed before their root systems anchor themselves firmly in the middle of my perennials.