My mother and I happened upon Lincoln Center, such a beautiful cultural center, each time I walk past it, I say to myself “We need to purchase tickets to a ballet or an opera” and then I continue on my merry way and the thought then gets lost in the crazy day to day living, when I fancifully think about attending a cultural event, I am sincere in that moment, it’s daily life that gets in the way.

I love watching New Yorkers scurrying about, intent on getting to point A or B or C depending on where they started lol. You could write reams of fiction just by sitting and observing everyone in their own bubble, hurrying to who knows where and who knows why, those reasons can be made up by the observer without any displacement whatsoever, feeding their imagination with the energy generated by strangers’ frenetic pace.

What’s funny is that while I am commenting on these New Yorkers in the pictures, I was part of the tapestry as soon as I put my cellphone back in my bag. My mother and I contributed to the frenetic pace ourselves, I wonder what an observer might have gleaned from our speedy walking lol.