My mother’s garden has certainly grown over the past, I think, three years, it could be two years old, I can’t keep track anymore, years have become indiscernible from each other, it gets frustrating at times. I get nervous about my memory lapses, I’m too young to forget and lose track, maybe I have too much stuff in my brain, I should call housekeeping, lol.

Regardless of when my mother’s garden came into being, it needs some discipline because when my mother decided to have it done, she didn’t envision the over the top growth from the Japanese Maple tree, the hostas, the upright phlox and even the hydrangea tree. On a side note, the bottom picture shows the lilies I had planted before the landscaper had uprooted the old garden, they survived and they are thriving, makes me happy every year since lol.

We need to get out the pruning shears and cut off the undergrowth of both trees, trim the hedges and the arborvitae while making a plan for next year, maybe divide the hostas and the upright phlox as well as the lilies, this year is too soon, next year would be a better time. Even when you call in professionals, you still have to work and maintain the end result if you want the vision to endure.